Graphic library for QuickBASIC

Have you ever software developed on a Amiga® (manufacturer Amiga Technologies, formerly Commodore)? The graphics.library spoils you really with functions like SetDrMd&, SetSoftStyle& etc., to solve all possible and impossible graphic output problems. I think certainly that you have annoyed about the spartan equipment too what has left its traces in the basic instruction set of QuickBASIC. More than change the foreground colour isn't possible unfortunately.

The graphic library for QuickBASIC mentioned in the title is arisen to remedy that fuss. It enhances the instruction set with follow SUB procedures:

PrintText t$

Use it in place of PRINT. QuickBASIC-limited it's only possible to hand over one string parameter, so you must modify a instruction line e.g.

PRINT "The height's"; h!; "meters.";


PrintText "The height's" + STR$(h!) + " meters."
SetScreen HRes%, VRes%, Depth%, NumTextCols%, NumTextRows%

To use in place of SCREEN and WIDTH because this procedure initialises a few of very important variables. Example: The old instruction


is to substitute in

SetScreen 640, 350, 4, 80, 43
SetTAttr Foregroundcolor%, Backgroundcolor%, Textattributes%

Replacement for the COLOR instruction. This procedure gives you an additional background colour (it can also be set to transparent [-1], the same is valid for the foreground colour, too!) as well as an text attributes: 1 = bold, 2 = italic, 4 = underlined. For composing of more attributes simply add their values! => 0 = plain text. This opens you possibilities shown as follow:

Screen shot which demonstrate the whole thing

This program could offer the basic idea for software engineers to implementing these functions in any other programming languages.

Go on! Give me that! I want that thing!

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© 1996, 1998 by Andreas Meile