Knoblifax - the new kind of puzzling fun

Are you a freak of games like the legendary 4×4 shift square puzzle (15 number are to order by shifting the small pieces) or the once popular Rubik's Cube?

Magic cube (Rubrik's Cube®) and 15 number shift puzzle

Or do you need a new challenge of this kind? When you are agreeing you can download the .ZIP crunched Knoblifax, after a short using of pkunzip -d knob_fax or WinZIP, you can start the big fun with qbasic /run knob_fax immediately.

On this game there is a given picture (five nice subjects are already included and pre-installed) which is split with circular cuts in many segments which are really scrambled:

Screen shot: All is vigorously scrambled. Bigger extent of 11 KB

The longer scrambling time the higher end score which you can achieve! Your task is to restore the origin picture with turning on the handles:

The picture shown above in its original order. Bigger extent of 7¾

Game control: moving cursor with arrow keys, turning with PageUp resp. PageDown on keyboard. You can also puzzle your own favourite bitmap pictures of course; your only must convert them into the Amiga IFF file format. (Amiga owners can transfer 1:1 their e.g. »DeluxePaint« designed pictures via CrossDOS [choose a filename with max. 8 characters and always give an extension .IFF]. For Windows users I recommend any software tools like e.g. »HiJaak« from Inset Systems Inc. or similar packages to convert from .BMP, .PCX, .TIF etc. to .IFF.

People who have any good pictorial material at one's (file format unimportant) should answer to me immediately.

Have a lot of fun while puzzling! Of course you can tell me your opinion about this game idea.

Enough of the long speech, I want that thing! Go on! Give me that!

Extend: 193 KB

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© 1996, 1998 by Andreas Meile