For game lovers: Reversi for your PC

This game is also available as a classic board game by Ravensburger®, on many places it's known under the name »Othello«. You will receive a version with comfortable arrow key control here which is arisen originally on an IBM XT (the grandfather from our DOS computer industry standard!) with CGA graphics.

Rules of the game, explained concisely

There are two player where the cyan one always begins. Both players put alternately a stone of the own colour under the condition that it has to enclose one or multiple enemy stones between the played stone and any other of the own colour, in which diagonal rows are also allowed without bother. All these stones (it's possible that there are without bother multiple enclosing stone rows ordered like a star) will be turn to stones of own colour. If any player cannot do a move he has to sit out. The game is finished if nobody can move either one of both players haven't got more any stone of the own colour or when the board is full. The winner is who has more stones of the own colour on the board.

Screen shot during a game

Special features on this PC implementation

Each player can be taken on a human or one of three computer players which can be combined without any limits. That means you can let playing your computer opposite itself (very instructive for beginners to know the basic rules). But the computer player's skill level isn't far too high because there are only very primitive algorithms in use. You have full access to the source code, so you can improve this algorithm or enhance the whole program generally. In this connection I'm glad when can send me the source code file by e-mail of any improved version on your part. Other comments on your part are also welcome at each time.

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