Converting of a square into an equilateral triangle

There's a square whose sides are 200 mm long, fair enough made in cardboard or plywood. Your task: Cut this square in less as possible pieces which you can put together into the equilateral triangle (It has to be equal in area logically). It's allowed to turn up any pieces (mirrored) anyway (see figure below):

Sketch about the problem situation, how such an answer could appearance

Very, very important!

Your answer has to be provable geometrically i.e. give me the construction report for compasses and ruler either or the algebraic expressions for all used angles and lengths, or simply the computed values with enough places after the decimal point (6 at least!).

Possibilities, how to send me the result by electronic mail

Please send your answer together with your postal address by e-mail to me. Have a lot of pleasure while puzzling!

Further speciality for this puzzle:

This puzzle is permanently continued i.e. if the first right answer has arrived, it will be published here. Everyone has the possibility to improve it i.e. to break the minimum pieces record!

Current state: Nobody has solved yet * Last update: January 3rd, 1996

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