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Chatter box corners (online chat talk)

Chatter boxes which allow using HTML tags

Here you can jazz up your written words with entries like e.g. <B>That looks in bold face.</B> graphically, or e.g. with <A href="http://www.my_server.xy/~my_homepage/">This link guides you in my own Web territory</A> you can make palatable your own homepage to all other people, or e.g. with <IMG src="http://www.my_server.xy/~my_homepage/pictures/my_homepage_logo.gif"> showing your favourite pictures to all other participants. An important favour: Please do not abuse this possibility! Unfortunately, the chat boxes with this possibility will be more and more seldom, because some audaciously mood chat participants have used commands like e.g. <BLINK> without belonging </BLINK> (the whole rest of screen starts blinking and »fooling«) or really <FRAMESET ..> (intervention in the screen layout caused with frame definition tags) to cause hefty anger to the other participants, so the operating authority have had to put in a HTML blockade compulsorily.

Chatboxes which »castrate« your HTML tags thoughtlessly

On these boxes, an entered »<« from you will be removed or converted to a &lt;, so the HTML tag cannot more unfold its effect. But special character of the syntax &xxx; (e.g. &frac14; for a »¼«) still works properly overall.

Online games directly from the net

On these games you can join immediately.

Do you know any other pleasurable knock off addresses or any chatter boxes?

When you can say yes, don't hesitate longer, but the best way is to tell me their URL addresses just now. Special good finds will repaid willingly with a box of Schaffhouse's tongues or Brugg's old town cobble stones. Don't forget to tell me your postal address for doing that.

Last update: November 4th, 1996

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